Chirstmas Rockoff 2016

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The Rules:
  • HAVE FUN! If it stops being fun, stop doing it.
  • No Bing Crosby. Simply too easy.
  • This will be "The 12 Days of rock off!"
    a) Fourteen Christmas songs will be picked from a pool.
    b) An objective non-participant will randomly assign each song a number, 1-14, unbeknownst to all family teams.
    c) Once the team's song is identified, they can use any version of it for their video, assuming it does not violate rule #2.
  • All videos must have all immediate family members in the video
  • Each video must contain:
    a) At least one member of the family hugging or providing a piggy-back ride to a Salvation Army Bell-Ringer (outside of a known violent Wal Mart is best) (Bell ringer may not be related to your family. Prices and participation may vary. Void where prohibited. Not available in Hawaii and Puerto Rico)
    b) Paternal members of each family sporting a mustache. Beards don't count.
    c) At least one person in an ugly Christmas sweater.
    d) A strategically placed Nutcracker in a "Where's Waldo" fashion such that other teams must try to identify it while watching
  • The videos must contain at least two of the following:
    a) At least one scene with Dads baking something amazing
    b) At least one scene with sons eating a sugar plum
    c) At least one scene with daughters wielding an axe (for chopping firewood, of course)
    d) At least one scene with moms making something explode
  • For any given scene, there can't be more than 3 takes to get it "right" ("Right" being a hugely subjective term). The more impromptu, the better! (After all, this isn't REALLY about quality...)
  • When all else fails, refer to Rule #1.

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